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What is TipTop?

TipTop Trade-In dramatically increases checkout conversion and helps e-commerce companies sell more, faster with the world's first AI-driven instant trade-in and payment flow.

With TipTop integrated on your e-commerce platform, customers can select an item from our catalog, answer a few questions, and get an instant credit that applies towards their purchase.

How TipTop Works


Upgrade without breaking the bank! TipTop makes it easy for your customers to get the products they love through a variety of payment options. We offer seamless pay-over-time solutions, but that's not all! TipTop also allows customers to trade-in their existing items for new purchases. Integrate TipTop today and empower your customers to choose how they pay, whether it's spreading the cost over time or using their pre-loved items for amazing new product.


Spread the cost effortlessly! TipTop lets your customers split their purchases into 4 convenient installments using their debit or credit card. Our interest-free option makes it perfect for orders greater than $50. It's a great way to give your customers the flexibility they crave without breaking the bank.

Solutions overview

Simplify your checkout with TipTop's seamless integration options! We offer a variety of solutions to fit your business, making the setup process a breeze. Just like that, you'll be empowering your customers with flexible payment choices.

Choose the integration method that works best for you. We offer powerful APIs for customization, our omnichannel solution for a unified payment experience across all channels, or pre-built extensions for popular e-commerce platforms. Explore our integration options below and find the perfect fit for your business!

Promotional Messaging

TipTop's clear messaging empowers your customers to make informed decisions!

By strategically placing information about our flexible payment options throughout the shopping journey, you can ensure customers are aware of TipTop's benefits before checkout. We showcase the advantages of using TipTop, including a variety of payment plans (including pay-over-time options) and the potential for significant savings through trade-ins.

Integrating clear and concise messaging throughout your store proactively educates customers about the value TipTop offers, leading to smoother checkouts and increased conversions.

Support & Resources

Let's get you started! We're here to answer any questions you might have.

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