Direct Integration
Promotional messaging
HTML reference

HTML reference

Class (required)

Data typeValueDescription
stringtiptop-promo-widgetDisplays TipTop promotional messaging with an action to open the promotional modal

data-amount (required)

Data typeDescription
intThe product price amount passed to display TipTop price specific messaging. Value in USD cents (e.g. $100 = 10000)

data-page-type (required)

Identifies your promotional messaging so TipTop can apply the necessary customizations based on which page they are displayed

Data typeValueDescription
stringcartCart page
stringpaymentPayment selection page
stringproductProduct description page


<div class="product-detail">
  <img src="product-image.jpg" alt="Product Image">
  <h1>Product Name</h1>
  <p>Product Description</p>
  <p>Price: $100</p>
  <div id="tiptop-promo">
    <p class="tiptop-promo-widget" data-amount="10000" data-page-type="product"></p>